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What is the Old Time Radio Vault?

Well, simply put, it's a great big pile of files. :-) Like you (well, I assume so, since you're here!), I'm a collector of Old Time Radio shows. Over the years I've collected a lot of MP3 and RealAudio files totalling many, many gigabytes (208 gigs as of Apr 6 2003). And all of them are available to you, on CD-ROM, DVD, or even on a hard drive!

Previously, I offered the option of downloading files, both from a low-bandwidth free server and from high-bandwidth subscription servers. My ISP has now put the kibosh on that - they'd rather have all of nothing than half of something, so these options are no longer available. I've replaced these with lower-priced CD-ROM and Hard Drive options, and added a brand new DVD option.

The monies charged cover my time and expenses in running these services. There is no charge whatsoever for the actual files - indeed, most are in the public domain, having never been copyrighted or with expired copyrights.

And that's basically it. Have a look over in the left-side frame for more details about what services are offered.

If you are the rights-holder to a copyrighted work that you have discovered in this collection, please see the bottom of the FAQ page for details on how to contact me.