Custom DVDs

I am now accepting payment via PayPal. See the bottom of this page for all the details. Note that PayPal payments are in US dollars and you must have a PayPal account with either "Verified" or "International" status - otherwise, I won't accept your order.

I am now accepting payment in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and US Dollars (USD) (only Canadian Dollars for PayPal payments), if you are mailing your order in. Pricing is in Canadian dollars: email me at for a quote in US dollars.

Generally speaking, I can fit about 600-650 30-minute programs on a single DVD, and I can build the DVD to your specifications. If, for example, you wanted every single "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" episode in the Vault, I can do it. Contrariwise, you could even ask for a sampler disc of one program per show (and as many shows as will fit). Whatever YOU want.

So What Do I Need To Do?

First, you need to compile a list of the programs you want. This can be a general list (ie: "send me all the Dragnet episodes") or can be quite specific, specifying the exact filenames that you need (and leaving out those shows you already have). Multi-disc orders can also be accomodated - one fellow gave me a list of 85 shows he wanted, and he wanted every episode of each, and sent me an order saying so. I filled the order using 12 CD-ROM's. :-) So, feel free to be creative or just have me dump entire directories onto your discs - all I ask is that you be as specific (and not vague) as possible. For example, don't ask me for "the best" Johnny Dollars, as I've not listened to them all yet. One exception that I'm happy to accomodate is something like this: "send me all the Johnny Dollars and Gunsmokes, then fill up the remaining space with as many Red Skeltons as you can fit".

The complete Vault file listings are over in the left-frame menu, under "Compleat Vault File Listings". This listing takes the form of a DOS directory listing and might be a tad confusing for beginners. A partial example looks something like this:

 Directory of  V:\Downloads01\A\Adventures By Morse\*

 0/01/19   3:57         <DIR>    . 
 0/01/19   3:57         <DIR>    ..
99/08/14   9:39       5,967,307  ADVMORSE 440108 e001 32-22-m 24m51s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:52       6,208,470  ADVMORSE 440115 e002 32-22-m 25m51s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:51       6,138,671  ADVMORSE 440122 e003 32-22-m 25m34s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:50       6,233,338  ADVMORSE 440129 e004 32-22-m 25m57s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:49       6,277,015  ADVMORSE 440205 e005 32-22-m 26m08s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:47       5,944,946  ADVMORSE 440212 e006 32-22-m 24m45s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:46       5,814,334  ADVMORSE 440219 e007 32-22-m 24m13s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:45       5,805,557  ADVMORSE 440226 e008 32-22-m 24m10s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:44       5,830,635  ADVMORSE 440304 e009 32-22-m 24m17s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:43       5,895,000  ADVMORSE 440311 e010 32-22-m 24m33s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/04/07   0:11       4,840,212  ADVMORSE 440318 e011 24-22-m 26m53s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/04/07   0:21       4,825,002  ADVMORSE 440325 e012 24-22-m 26m48s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/04/07   0:26       5,022,498  ADVMORSE 440401 e013 24-22-m 27m54s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/09/01   7:33       6,220,533  ADVMORSE 440408 e014 32-22-m 25m54s Cobra King Strikes Back.mp3
99/09/01   7:34       6,221,366  ADVMORSE 440415 e015 32-22-m 25m54s Cobra King Strikes Back.mp3
99/04/07   0:31       4,482,036  ADVMORSE 440708 e027 24-22-m 24m54s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   0:42       4,567,758  ADVMORSE 440715 e028 24-22-m 25m22s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:08       4,374,318  ADVMORSE 440722 e029 24-22-m 24m18s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:22       4,567,212  ADVMORSE 440729 e030 24-22-m 25m22s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,412,304  ADVMORSE 440805 e031 24-22-m 24m30s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,479,852  ADVMORSE 440812 e032 24-22-m 24m53s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,432,350  ADVMORSE 440819 e033 24-22-m 24m37s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,482,114  ADVMORSE 440826 e034 24-22-m 24m54s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,513,002  ADVMORSE 440902 e035 24-22-m 25m04s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,339,686  ADVMORSE 440909 e036 24-22-m 24m06s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/09/01   7:35       6,697,273  ADVMORSE 441007 e040 32-22-m 27m53s Land Of The Living Dead.mp3
99/07/30   5:25           5,100  ADVMORSE Catalog.txt
99/08/14  10:56       2,939,820  Cobra King Strikes Back, The (Part 14).mp3
    141,537,709 bytes in 28 files and 2 dirs    141,542,912 bytes allocated

In this example, you're looking at the total list of files in the "Adventures By Morse" folder (directory). Ignore the first couple of lines (the ones with "<DIR>" in them) and look at the subsequent lines. Each line begins with the date and time the file was created, then a large number which shows how many bytes the file consumes on disc, followed by the name of the file. In this example, the first file consumes 5,967,307 bytes. This continues until the last line shows the totals for this directory (the "allocated" field is more useful since it shows how much space is used after taking into account file system overhead).

To figure out how many discs you'll need to order, start by adding these numbers up. Use the directory totals if you're going to request an entire directory, and use individual file byte counts if you'll be specifying individual files. Take the total number of bytes and divide by 4,700,000,000 - which is roughly how much space you've got on a single disc. The resulting number is the number of discs you'll need to fill your order. (Note that it's usually impossible to COMPLETELY fill the disc, but I can usually get pretty close).

IMPORTANT: There are different, and sometimes incompatible, recordable DVD standards on the market. I have found an excellent DVD FAQ, and you should definitely have a look at this subheading to get an idea of what those standards are and how to CHOOSE which one you need. The onus is on you to select the correct format. That said, there are two "general rules" that apply to 95% of all cases:

  1. If your DVD unit is a DVD recorder, then you should know exactly which type of discs you need, because they're the same type as the ones you're able to burn.
  2. If you have a standard DVD-ROM unit, the "DVD-R" format should probably work for you (but check with your manufacturer and/or search the internet to see if others with your drive can use this format). I can also make "DVD+R" discs for you, which again are compatible with most DVD-ROM units but your mileage may vary. If you're not sure, FIND OUT BEFORE ORDERING. You won't like the fee I'll charge you to re-burn your discs in another format. :-)

If you do not select a format, I will use "DVD-R" by default. Note that you may also optionally ask for "DVD-RW" or "DVD+RW" discs (which are re-writeable), but there is an additional media fee for these as they are still very expensive. I do not support the "DVD-RAM" format.

Once you have your list, make a hardcopy printout. Note: if your list is very large and involves a large number of DVD's, go ahead and email the list to me instead (please use plain-text format). Printouts are preferred though as it makes my record keepingomewhat simpler and insures that I won't mislay your order information (since you've included it with your actual order).

Send your information with some sort of introductory letter (ie: "hi, my name is John Smith, I'd like to order 3 DVD's") that INCLUDES YOUR RETURN ADDRESS (you'd be surprised how many people forget this!) along with payment and the order form to the address below, and that's all it takes.

You might also want to consider my Hard Drive Option or CD-ROM Option instead - for large orders, Hard Drive orders are a bit cheaper. CD-ROM orders have the advantage that the files are playable in most CD-MP3 players, including most modern home DVD players. You can, however, order DVD's and then burn those CD-ROM discs yourself). :-)

So How Much?

Please note that the fee charged is not a fee for the programming. It covers the actual costs of creating and shipping the DVD's, with the leftover amount going into a slush-fund to continue funding the continued operational costs of the Vault. These files come from a variety of sources on the internet and were encoded by others - I don't have any of these shows on tape. The quality can range anywhere from abysmal to superb, but generally if the sound is REALLY terrible I'll delete the file outright. There are no guarantees, however, and if you want to "clean up" the sound you'll have to buy and install your own digital processing software. :-)

Fees are as follows (also see the order form):

Custom-made DVD's
Base Shipping Fee $4.50 CAD per order
First 4 DVDs $60.00 CAD each
Additional DVDs $50.00 CAD each

Note that the Custom DVD fees are added together. For example, an order for 7 discs would be calculated (in Canadian currency) as (4 x $60.00) + (3 x $50.00) = $390.00 CAD (plus base shipping fee of $4.50).

DVD Media Fee
$0.00 CAD per disc
DVD+R $0.00 CAD per disc
DVD-RW $9.00 CAD per disc
DVD+RW $9.00 CAD per disc

DVD Media Fees are added to the overall order price. Note that at this time, DVD-R and DVD+R discs have become inexpensive enough that there is NO FEE for using either of these discs. If you want rewriteable discs (DVD-RW or DVD+RW), the fee is as above (per disc). If you do not specify a media type, DVD-R will be used.


Normally, everything is shipped "surface mail". Airmail is generally faster but also more expensive.

If you are in Canada, Canada Post will ship your package via air automatically (at groundmail pricing), so don't waste your money on this option. If you're in the continental USA, I also recommend that you save your money and just go with "surface mail" because the added cost usually only translates into a time savings of one or two days. If you live elsewhere in the world, I strongly, strongly recommend the "airmail" option - even though it adds significant cost. Recently I've received complaints from people in Germany, the UK, and Belgium about very, very long delays in shipping. One man in Belgium waited six weeks for his package - he tells me that he usually only has to wait two or three weeks for airmail.

Airmail pricing is as follows (and is over and above the "base shipping fee" mentioned above):

Destination Base Fee + Per Disc
Canada n/a n/a
USA $3.00 CAD $0.50 CAD/each
World $5.00 CAD $1.40 CAD/each

In the above 7-disc example, for shipping to the USA, that means you would add $3.00 for the base fee plus (7 * $0.50 = $3.50) for a total of $6.50 CAD in additional charges. Remember, the $4.50 CAD base shipping fee, mentioned earlier, also applies. Airmail fees are on top of this.


If your order is 6 DVD's or fewer, it'll probably go out in a bubblewrap-padded lettermail envelope - 7 or more will go out in sturdy cardboard packaging padded with newspapers - works like a hot-damn. :-)

All DVD's at this time include jewel boxes (subject to availability) and come with printed front covers (and back covers if the jewel box allows it - not all do), customized with your name. Unlike my custom CD-ROM's, I do NOT put file listings on these because there just isn't room for that much text. I do not label the discs themselves - this adds expense and I've found that when I *HAVE* done it, people have complained because they intended to put their own labels on the DVD's (and they're not removable once affixed). All DVD's are also readback tested prior to shipping - this means that every byte of every file has been read back by another CD-ROM player, to guarantee there are no write-errors on your discs.

Registered Mail/Insurance

So far, not one order has failed to make it to its destination - eventually. :-) Further, nobody has yet asked me to ship via registered mail or insurance - I've had the occasional inquiry but the added cost generally isn't worth it unless your order is very large. If there's any interest in this option, I'll make some enquiries at Canada Post and see what they have to say. Generally, I've found that Registered Mail costs a lot of money and is rarely of much benefit - but I'll look into it if you really want me to. :-) So far, I've only had to replace one order that was lost (actually, pretty much destroyed due to poor packaging procedures, since fixed) in the mails.

Additionally, large orders are not shipped all at once. Depending on the size of the jewel boxes, I'll usually send a maximum of 24 discs per shipment: if your order is larger than this, you'll get 2 or more shipments, which are sent out as they're made (so, if for example you were ordering a Snapshot, your first batch of discs would be sent as soon as I've finished creating them, even though I'm still working on the rest of your order).

Payment must be made via one of the following:

Use that quote email address above to send any questions you may have. Or, if you're ready to order, send your order (be sure to fill out the order form) to:

Joey Lindstrom
#305, 235 15 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2R 0P6

You can send a fax to +1 (403) 250-2275

Please fill out the order form so that I don't have to try to read your mind as to exactly what you want.

One final thought: a few folks have sent in cash donations to help support the Vault's continued operations, and I'm immensely grateful to them. In the early days, these donations meant the difference between keeping it going and shutting it down. One fellow, who went by the handle "Doc" Nettles, went so far as to send me $200USD towards the purchase of a new large hard drive in order to help the Vault expand!! People like him, and countless other kind-hearted souls that I've encountered in the OTR hobby, make me think that OTR fans are the BEST kinda people! :-)

While these donations meant a great deal to me and to the continued existence of this site in the early days, finances are much better now. So if you're one of those people who feel that old time radio sites on the internet deserve their financial support, please accept my appreciation and thanks but please don't just send me your cash with no strings attached. I would feel much better about taking your money if I could, at the very least, do something for you in return. :-) So if you really want to help support the Vault, then by all means place an order for some DVD's - everybody benefits that way, including you. And, after all, you're the reason this site is here.