Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Fit 50 Hours Of Audio Onto One CD?

The answer is: you can, and you can't. :-) Please see this discussion of the issue for all your answers.

How Do I Login?

I'm afraid the answer to that question, as of February 6th 2003, is "you don't". My ISP is forcing me to shut down all downloading operations. CD-ROM, DVD, and Hard Drive options are still available.

Can I Get These Files Any Other Way?

There are a variety of ways I can get files to you. They include:

Where Did You Get All These Files?

Here, there, and everywhere. :-) Many of them come from the excellent newsgroup, and others have been downloaded from various OTR sites on the 'net. A growing number were actually uploaded by grateful users of this service, and/or mailed to me on CD-ROM! :-) I don't have ANY of these programs on tape - I'm very, very new to the OTR hobby and, at this point in time, have embraced only the digital side of it. If you're looking to trade tapes, don't waste your time talking to me: I've got nothing to trade. Click on the BACK button and follow the link at the bottom of the main OTR Vault page that leads to the Old Time Radio Link Society Webring, and then have a look around at some of the other sites - there's PLENTY of collectors out there willing to trade tapes with you!

I've Got Some Files To Contribute - How Do I Get Them To You?

You can email them to me (see address below). Or, you can burn 'em on CD and mail 'em to me. Whatever it takes. :-)

I Am The Copyright Owner Of Some Of The Files In Your Collection And I Want You To Remove Them!

No problemo! Contact me via any of the means outlined at the end of this document and I'll be happy to comply with your request. Please provide proof that you are indeed the owner or licencee of the copyright.

Many of the files represent very old recordings that have passed into the public domain, and thus are no longer protected by copyright. In such a case, ownership cannot be proven.

How Do I Contact You?

You can send email to

You can send snailmail to:

Joey Lindstrom
#305, 235 15 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2R 0P6

You can send a fax to +1 (403) 250-2275