Hard Drives

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I've long offered files on CD-ROM and even now offer them on DVD, but I've had a few people suggest a hard drive option, so I figured, what the heck, I'll offer it and see if anyone wants to try it out. :-)

So here's the deal. I will:

I will not:

So What Do I Need To Do?

First, you need to compile a list of the programs you want. As noted above, you must specify the entire contents of a folder - with the exception that you can designate any subfolders within those folders to NOT be included.

The complete Vault file listings are over in the left-frame menu, under "Compleat Vault File Listings". This listing takes the form of a DOS directory listing and might be a tad confusing for beginners. A partial example looks something like this:

 Directory of  V:\Downloads01\A\Adventures By Morse\*

 0/01/19   3:57         <DIR>    . 
 0/01/19   3:57         <DIR>    ..
99/08/14   9:39       5,967,307  ADVMORSE 440108 e001 32-22-m 24m51s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:52       6,208,470  ADVMORSE 440115 e002 32-22-m 25m51s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:51       6,138,671  ADVMORSE 440122 e003 32-22-m 25m34s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:50       6,233,338  ADVMORSE 440129 e004 32-22-m 25m57s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:49       6,277,015  ADVMORSE 440205 e005 32-22-m 26m08s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:47       5,944,946  ADVMORSE 440212 e006 32-22-m 24m45s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:46       5,814,334  ADVMORSE 440219 e007 32-22-m 24m13s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:45       5,805,557  ADVMORSE 440226 e008 32-22-m 24m10s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:44       5,830,635  ADVMORSE 440304 e009 32-22-m 24m17s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/08/14   9:43       5,895,000  ADVMORSE 440311 e010 32-22-m 24m33s City Of The Dead.mp3
99/04/07   0:11       4,840,212  ADVMORSE 440318 e011 24-22-m 26m53s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/04/07   0:21       4,825,002  ADVMORSE 440325 e012 24-22-m 26m48s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/04/07   0:26       5,022,498  ADVMORSE 440401 e013 24-22-m 27m54s A Coffin For The Lady.mp3
99/09/01   7:33       6,220,533  ADVMORSE 440408 e014 32-22-m 25m54s Cobra King Strikes Back.mp3
99/09/01   7:34       6,221,366  ADVMORSE 440415 e015 32-22-m 25m54s Cobra King Strikes Back.mp3
99/04/07   0:31       4,482,036  ADVMORSE 440708 e027 24-22-m 24m54s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   0:42       4,567,758  ADVMORSE 440715 e028 24-22-m 25m22s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:08       4,374,318  ADVMORSE 440722 e029 24-22-m 24m18s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:22       4,567,212  ADVMORSE 440729 e030 24-22-m 25m22s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,412,304  ADVMORSE 440805 e031 24-22-m 24m30s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,479,852  ADVMORSE 440812 e032 24-22-m 24m53s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,432,350  ADVMORSE 440819 e033 24-22-m 24m37s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,482,114  ADVMORSE 440826 e034 24-22-m 24m54s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,513,002  ADVMORSE 440902 e035 24-22-m 25m04s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/04/07   2:24       4,339,686  ADVMORSE 440909 e036 24-22-m 24m06s Dead Men Prowl.mp3
99/09/01   7:35       6,697,273  ADVMORSE 441007 e040 32-22-m 27m53s Land Of The Living Dead.mp3
99/07/30   5:25           5,100  ADVMORSE Catalog.txt
99/08/14  10:56       2,939,820  Cobra King Strikes Back, The (Part 14).mp3
    141,537,709 bytes in 28 files and 2 dirs    141,542,912 bytes allocated

In this example, you're looking at the total list of files in the "Adventures By Morse" folder (directory). Ignore the first couple of lines (the ones with "<DIR>" in them) and look at the subsequent lines. Each line begins with the date and time the file was created, then a large number which shows how many bytes the file consumes on disc, followed by the name of the file. In this example, the first file consumes 5,967,307 bytes. This continues until the last line shows the totals for this directory (the "allocated" field is more useful since it shows how much space is used after taking into account file system overhead).

To figure out space requirements, start by adding these numbers up. Use the "allocated" directory totals since you have to take the entire directory anyways - don't worry about the individual file sizes. Take the total number of bytes and divide by 1,073,741,824 - this will give you the number of gigabytes of storage your order will require. (Please note: hard drive manufacturers don't calculate this way - they divide by 1,000,000,000 instead. Also, if you buy a drive that says "40 gigabytes", not only are they dividing by 1,000,000,000, but that's the before-formatting number. On average, you can expect to get about 7% less than you thought you were getting. Keep that in mind.)

As of this writing (April 6th 2003), the entire Vault consumes 208 gigabytes of disk space. Send an email to vaultkeeper@oldtimeradiovault.com to find out the current size. Note, however, that special lower pricing is available if you are ordering the ENTIRE Vault.

Once you have your list, make a hardcopy printout. Note: if your list is very large or you don't have access to a printer, go ahead and email the list to me instead (please use plain-text format). Printouts are preferred though as it makes my record keeping somewhat simpler and insures that I won't mislay your order information (since you've included it with your actual order).

Be sure to tell me how to format your drive (see the "I will" list above)!

Next, decide if you will buy the drive and ship it to me (and if so, feel free to partition it the way you want, or leave that to me - your choice), or whether you want me to buy the drive for you. As of this writing, I can get hard drives to a maximum size of 200 gigabytes. I usually buy Maxtor but will certainly try to buy a specific brand for you if that is your choice.

And, finally, email me at vaultkeeper@oldtimeradiovault.com and ask me for a quote. Generally speaking, you can expect the quote to fall within these guidelines:


The original box that the hard drive comes in should contain its own padding. I will, in turn, place this box inside a sturdy cardboard box and pad that out with newspapers, so you'll be getting double protection.

Registered Mail/Insurance

So far, not one shipment has failed to make it to its destination - eventually. :-) Further, nobody has yet asked me to ship via registered mail or to purchase insurance - I've had the occasional inquiry but the added cost generally isn't worth it unless your order is very large. If there's any interest in this option, I'll make some enquiries at Canada Post and see what they have to say - I think insurance is $1 CAD per $100 CAD of valuation on the shipment. Generally, I've found that Registered Mail costs a lot of money and is rarely of much benefit - but I'll look into it if you really want me to. :-) So far, I've only had to replace one CD-ROM order that was lost (actually, pretty much destroyed due to poor packaging procedures, since fixed) in the mails.

Payment must be made via one of the following:

Use that quote email address above to send any questions you may have. When you're ready to order (and do NOT send in an order without having gotten a quote from me first!), send it to:

Joey Lindstrom
#305, 235 15 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2R 0P6

You can send a fax to +1 (403) 250-2275