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Feb 3 2004 - Canadian Dollar Pricing, shipping fees, banner ads

I moved to Canadian-dollar pricing some time ago, but had left US-dollar pricing options available on the website for those who were mailing in cheques and whatnot. Well, I got beat up on that recently, with the fluctuating value of the two dollars. So, all US-dollar pricing references have been removed from the website. YOU MAY STILL mail in US dollars, but you'll have to ask me for a quote when you place your order.

Airmail shipping fees have gone up, thanks to Canada Post jacking up the rates on January 12th of this year. The base shipping fee on all disc orders remains at $4.50 CAD.

I removed all the banner ads advertising the AVC Soul CD-MP3 player. The links no longer worked, and it seems that the company no longer sells the darned things. Too bad: they're excellent little units.

Apr 6 2003 - 58 Gigabytes of new material added

Thanks to "DL", who mailed me 111 CD's chock full of new-to-the-Vault stuff, the Vault now has 58 gigs of new material. So I'm offering some specials for those of you who are interested in this new material.

  1. If you want the entire Vault, including all these new files, on hard drive, you'll be pleased to note that I'm essentially not charging ANYTHING extra for the new files. Previously, my "special" was $1200 CAD (about $800 USD) for the entire 150-gigabyte Vault, and I pay for the drives and the shipping. The new price is $1300 CAD (about $870 USD) - the extra $100 goes *ONLY* to the increased costs of the hard drives (we now need a pair of 120-gig drives, instead of one 120-gig and one 60-gig). There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for the extra 58 gigabytes of files, if you go for this option. Please click here for details.
  2. If you would like just the 111 discs dumped onto an 80-gig hard drive, you can have that (drive and shipping included) for $550 CAD (about $375 USD).
  3. CD-ROM: usual pricing is in effect, including the "special" deal I made to all subscribers at the time of the FTP shutdown. That, however, applies only if you want to "pick and choose" the files you want (either out of the 111 discs worth of new stuff, and/or other already-in-the-Vault material). If you would like the entire set of 111 discs duplicated as they are (ie: a disc-to-disc copy), I can do that for $650 CAD (about $440 USD).
  4. DVD: similarly, if you'd like all of this stuff dumped onto DVD-R or DVD+R (or rewriteable with a media surcharge), I can do that for $550 CAD (about $375 USD).

Feb 22 2003 - CD-ROM Pricing lowered, simplified

There is a new, simplified CD-ROM pricing architecture in place, which also means lower prices. I've instituted a new flat fee of $4.50 CAD (about $3 USD), and reduced the price of discs down to $13.50 CAD ($9 USD) each for the first twenty (in one order), and $10.50 CAD ($7 USD) for each disc over 20.

Feb 22 2003 - DVD!

Due to overwhelming popular demand, I am now able to handle Custom DVD Orders as well as the usual CD-ROM and Hard Drive orders. Thanks very much to "KJ" for making this possible. Formats supported include DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW.

Feb 22 2003 - Hard Drive Special

There is lower pricing available on hard drive orders when the complete Vault is ordered. See the Hard Drive page for details (look near the top for a link to this special).

Feb 6 2003 - Subscription Servers And Free Downloads Going Offline

I regret to inform you that I'm being forced to shut down all downloads from this site by my ISP. CD-ROM and Hard Drive services will continue, and I may add a DVD service sometime in the near future.

For the details, here is an email message I sent out to all OTR Vault current subscribers earlier today.

To: All OTR Vault Subscribers

I got a phone call from my ISP today.  They've decided I'm using way
(and I mean way) too much bandwidth on their ADSL lines for subscriber
downloads.  They've given me a choice: either switch to their "pay and
play" plan, which will raise my rates from $400 CAD per month to about
$2500 CAD per month, or I can keep my current plan but cap my outgoing
traffic down to about 15 kilobytes/second per line (right now they're
between 49 and 58).

Neither solution works.  Either you folks will have to pay a *LOT* more
per month for the same service you're getting now, *OR* I can continue
charging you the same but offering MUCH slower downloads.

I have therefore, VERY regretfully, decided to terminate the
Subscription Server service here at the Old Time Radio Vault.

Now, where does that leave you?  Well, I've had an "emergency shutdown
plan" in place ever since I started this thing, just in case this sort
of thing happened.  I'm now going to have to implement it.  Basically,
the plan is this: for every *FULL* month remaining on your
subscription, you are entitled to one full CD-ROM disc containing your
choice of material from the Vault.  CD-ROM's are priced higher than a
1-month subscription so you're getting a good deal here.

What's going to happen is this: starting tomorrow and through the
weekend, I'm going to be reassigning new expiration dates to all
outstanding subscriptions.  If your current subscription expires
between now and March 9th, nothing for you will change (except that you
can't renew your subscription).  If your subscription expires after
March 9th, then your new expiration date will be on the
month-anniversary of your old expiration date, and you'll receive disc
credits for the remaining full months.  For example, if your account
was due to expire on April 1st, then your new expiration date is going
to be March 1st and you will get a one-disc credit.  Similarly, if your
subscription was going to expire on June 25th, your new expiration date
is February 25th and you get a four-disc credit.

Folks, nobody is more pissed off at this situation than I am.  I've
been running this operation for YEARS and nobody at my ISP said "boo". 
Indeed, BEFORE I STARTED IT, I ran the idea past the president of the
company.  I showed him the website, told him what I'd be doing, and
promised to place a button-and-link for their service on my website
(which, as you can see, is there).  I was given the a-ok to proceed
with the Subscription Service, which has now been running for just over
three years.

Suddenly, it's a problem.  I don't understand why.  I have a good idea
of the pricing models at their end (ie: what they pay for wholesale
bandwidth, etc.), and this guy's argument that I'm suddenly "costing
them money" is a complete pile of steaming... compost.  Alas, this is
the way the ISP world is wagging - everybody wants to wring more
profits out of their operation, and that means getting rid of "high
maintenance" customers like me.

Then again, "half of something is better than all of nothing".  My ISP
is choosing "all of nothing" over "half of something".  Go figure.

My hands are tied here, folks - there's nothing I can do.  I cannot
finance the continued operation of the Vault to the tune of $30,000 CAD
per year - the subscription fees you pay me don't even come close to
covering that.  I can't raise those fees because we're already at the
point where, if I start charging even a little bit more, it's going to
seriously impact the number of subscribers, as people begin realizing
"hey, at this higher price, it's no longer worth it".  A number of you
are on fixed incomes, too - I feel guilty enough taking the SMALL
amount from you that I'm getting now.  In order to make this work, I'd
have to raise the rates to about $75 CAD ($50 USD) per month.  No,
definitely not worth it.

So unless one of you is a millionaire and wants to kick in the $30,000
CAD per year, or unless my ISP has a sudden change of heart (and in a
big hurry), I'm afraid the Subscription Service is goin' the way of the

*IF* your subscription is due to expire after March 9th, I will email
you individually, confirming your new subscription end-date and the
number of disc credits you have (if applicable).  If your subscription
is due to expire on March 9th or earlier, I will not be emailing you -
you may continue using your account as usual until your expiration
date, then your account will be shut down.

Prior to your subscription expiration, I invite you to view the Vault's
website ( and take a look at the
CD-ROM service.  This will give you a good idea of how to place a paid
order - when the time comes to cash in your disc credits, you simply
place the order as the instructions show, and just omit sending in any

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you
for supporting the Old Time Radio Vault.  I'm going to continue the
website and the CD-ROM operation (I also offer a hard-drive service and
may soon begin offering a DVD service), and I do hope that you'll
consider continuing your support of old time radio by availing yourself
of these other services.  I also offer a domain-registration service
which also helps support the Old Time Radio Vault.

Keep old time radio alive.  And as one famous fellow Canadian is fond
of saying, "keep your stick on the ice."

Joey Lindstrom
The Vaultkeeper

/ From the (cluttered) desk of Joey Lindstrom
/ The Old Time Radio Vault's "VaultKeeper"
/ Quote Of The Moment:
/ On the other hand, you have different fingers.
/         --Steven Wright

Jan 27 2003 - Banner Ads

I dropped the Valueclick banner ads that used to appear on this site (but have retained the AVC Soul ads). Those rotten bastards at Valueclick changed their system so that, sometimes, when you viewed some of my pages, you would receive POP-UP ADS. Pop-up ads are the bane of the internet and I will not have anything to do with them.

Jan 27 2003 - Canadian Dollars

The PayPal shopping cart system has now been programmed to use Canadian dollars.

Mar 14 2002 - 4th Server Added

Due to increased demand, I've installed a fourth server and a fourth DSL line for use by Subscribers. Lots more bandwidth for everybody! :-)

Jul 21 2001 - CD-ROM Pricing Changes

Don't panic: they're going down, not up. :-) Well, slightly anyways. This will be of benefit only to people placing LARGE orders. Previously there were three "bands" of pricing: one for the first disc, one for the next ten, and one for all discs after that. There was also a fourth band that applied only if you were ordering a "Vault Snapshot". Well, most of that still applies, except now there are four bands for non-Snapshot orders: one for the first disc, one for the next nine, one for the next 30 after that, and one for everything above that. The first three bands reflect the same pricing as before. The new fourth band is priced the same as Vault Snapshot orders: $7.65USD per disc. The upshot: there is a very slight saving ($1.80USD) on orders from 11 to 40 discs. After that, for each additional disc ordered, there's an additional saving of $1.35 per disc. Not a huge amount, but I think it's a lot more fair this way. For more details, visit the CD-ROM Page.

May 10 2001 - Third Subscriber Server Online

Due to overwhelming demand, a third subscriber-only server is now online, with its own DSL feed. The changeover today went mostly pretty smooth, though there were a few problems with a bad NIC card and a configuration error (ie: I'm a bonehead, heh heh). The result is more bandwidth to go around - should make everybody happy, at least for a little while. :-)

May 8 2001 - US Money Orders

If you've surfed this website before, you'll remember that I used to say to US residents that they could send me "domestic" postal money orders. These are printed with the phrase "Negotiable Only In The US And Possessions". Well, my bank (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) used to cash these anyways, so I always advised people to send me these ones as they were cheaper to buy than "international" ones. Well, this is no longer the case: my bank has started refusing to accept them. For this reason, I am now refusing to accept them as well. If you are sending me a US Postal Service money order, it *MUST* be the "international" type, or I'll just mail it back to you. I'm sorry about this but I have no choice in the matter.

Mar 7 2001 - Zathras, the new super-server, is now online

I hope to greatly expand the contents of the Vault over the next while, thanks to the addition of a new file server. It is equipped with a RAID5 controller and six 80-gig hard drives, giving me a total formatted storage capacity of 381 gigabytes. When I transferred the original Vault archives onto it, they consumed 57 gigabytes, so we have plenty of room to grow. :-)

Feb 8 2001 - Ditched Discussion Board, replaced with Mailing List

Well, the Discussion Board was a miserable failure, but I was too lazy for the longest time to replace it with anything else. That's now changed, and you can now click on "Mailing List" over there on the left for details on how to sign up to a new, and better, way of discussing OTR-related (and OTR Vault-related) stuff.

Feb 8 2001 - Hard Drive Option now available

A small number of folks have suggested an alternative to the CD-ROM "Snapshot" option, and that would be to make available a service in which I would fill up a hard drive (which you supply or I buy on your behalf) and ship it to you. This service is now available (see "Hard Drive" option over there on the left).

Dec 21 2000 - CD-ROM Pricing Reduction

Due to falling costs for blank CD-R media, I have implemented an across-the-board 10% price reduction on CD-ROM orders, both regular and "snapshot".

As for CD-RW media, this has gotten very confusing. There are new 10x discs out there, and some drives can't read them properly. The older 4x discs, in my experience, have been FRAUGHT with problems, particularly when you try to write to them a second (or subsequent) time - and, they take forever to burn (my current burner is a 12x). Finally, NOT ONE OF YOU has ever ordered CD-RW media.

As a result, I am no longer offering CD-RW media on the website. If you *REALLY* want it, contact me and I'll check current pricing and ask you a few questions to determine which discs to get. Note that 4x discs are, nowadays, nearly as cheap as CD-R discs, but 10x discs are VERY expensive.

Dec 6 2000 - Server #2 online

After lots and lots of planning, but always with the thought that I mighta missed something, the new ADSL line was installed today and connected up to the new server machine. All subscribers were briefed well in advance (some were to stay with server #1, some were switching to server #2) but I still worried that people would be all confused and would have trouble getting used to the new scheme. After all, the phone companies have NOTHING but troubles every time they introduce a new area code. :-)

I'm very happy to say that all of my fears were completely unfounded. Installation of the phone line and ADSL circuit went off without a hitch (and very quickly too - the phone guy was here for five minutes, the ADSL guy was here for fifteen minutes), and the amazing part was how flawless the transition went for the SUBSCRIBERS. They were ready for this, and when it happened, they adapted with barely a hiccup.

So, we now have two servers, which means double the bandwidth we used to have. Yippee!

Nov 10 2000 - PayPal Payments

A lot of you have asked for it, and now we've got it. PayPal payments are now being cheerfully accepted!

Oct 3 2000 - Price changes

Some prices are changing here, and I thought you should know about it.

The first one is good news. I am now offering custom CD-ROM's on 700-megabyte discs at the SAME PRICE as 650-megabyte discs. This means that, unless you are using a CD-ROM drive that was built before, say, about 1997 or so, you'll want these 700-meg discs. Older CD-ROM drives *MAY* not be able to handle them, so if you've got such a drive, you MUST SPECIFY that you want 650-meg discs because all orders from now on will default to 700-meg discs if no choice is explicitly made by you.

The second one isn't quite so good news. The price for Subscription Service is going up, from $5USD/month to $7USD/month. The reasons for this are several, and I'll outline some of them for you here. Recently, I asked all current subscribers to evaluate several options and this plan seems to have received the most support.

Basically, what it comes down to is this: I priced the service too low to begin with. The result is that we now have too many users sharing the single dedicated line. There's more than enough revenue to support the single line but not enough to bring in a second line (or additional lines down the road as the userbase expands). At the time I began asking my current subscribers about this, there was an average of 12 users online at any given time. This was BARELY adequate for most users, and lousy for some folks with poor connections (download speeds began dipping below what they were getting on the free server).

So the plan, based on a LOT of feedback from existing subscribers, is something I'm calling the "seven-fifty plan". This means that while the subscription fee increases to $7USD/month, I will be capping each ADSL line at fifty users apiece. When the number of users per line hits 50, another new line will be added to the service.

The result is that, in exchange for your increased fees, you should get much better service.

This will all take effect as of December 1st 2000. Subscriptions that are POSTMARKED prior to this date will be accepted at the old rate. Additionally, although I've not yet finalized the details yet, existing subscribers as of December 1st will also be given a one-time opportunity to renew their subscriptions at the old rate (even though the new rate is in effect for new subscriptions at that point).

Please do bear in mind that I'm not a big company, or even a company at all. I'm just a guy who likes OTR and wants to share it. I set up the subscription service because folks like you asked for it, and the thing has just taken off like wildfire. :-) But the expenses involved in running this operation are fairly steep and, thus, if you want premium service I need you to pay for it. :-) It is my intention to continue operating the FREE server as well, though it will by necessity be quite a bit slower and harder to get into than the subscription server.

Jun 5 2000 - We have changed to a new domain name:

This means the website is now at:

And the free ftp server is now at:

Please update your bookmarks (and/or FTP clients)

May 25 2000 - We are now accepting payments (CD-ROM's and Subscriptions) in Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Australian Dollars.

I received the following note in my mailbox this morning, from "Shawns Mother":

"It is with great sadness in my heart that I must tell you that Shawn (of Shawns Old Time Radio Site) passed away on July 25, 1999 after a very lengthy illness. I found your name in his OTR pals directory and wanted to let you know. Shawn loved working on his site and sharing it with everyone. I will miss the sound of his keyboard late into the night. His love of OTR and working on his site gave him many hours of enjoyment during his illness. I am happy so many people found the same pleasure. If any one knows of sites to post his passing I would appreciate it as I will have to shut the site down soon. Thank You."

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're going to miss Shawn immensely. His contributions to the OTR community were valued by all of us.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or any other communication, send it to the same email address, or use the Discussion Board.