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Due to overwhelming popular request, we are now accepting payment via PayPal. This allows you to pay for CD-ROM and/or Hard Drive orders via direct bank debit (US only), Visa, or MasterCard. This has the benefit of greatly speeding up how fast your payment is received and thus how fast your files are shipped.

Your account will be set as either "Verified" or "Unverified", depending on whether or not you've verified money transfers to/from your bank account or credit card. All customers ordering $40 CAD or more must have "Verified" status before payment will be accepted. This is for our mutual protection.

Once you are a verified PayPal member,

Send payments for all orders to:

Also, don't simply send your money. Check out the Hard Drives page and/or the CD-ROM Order Form and/or the DVD Order Form and see what kind of information I need you to include with your order. You can get that information to me however you like... email (to the addresses above), fax (to +1 413 643-0354), snailmail, whatever works, so long as you get it to me. Don't just flip me some money and expect me to read your mind. :-) If you choose a means other than email, it's probably a good idea to WARN me, via email, that it's coming (ie: "Hey, I've just sent you some money for a CD-ROM order, the details of which will follow in a fax" or something like that).