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Due to popular demand, I'm now in the process of creating several "cookie-cutter" disc sets. My usual practice is to custom-make every disc, based on your specifications. For example, you can tell me you want such-and-such episodes of "Suspense", and these other four episodes of "Abbott & Costello", and so on. This is labour intensive and my pricing reflects this.

Some customers just want my entire collection of certain shows. The labour involved in creating such disc sets is lower, so I'm now going to start making specific sets of shows available at a lower price. These sets CANNOT BE MODIFIED - that's the tradeoff. :-)

I'll start small, and add more sets over time. Check back here often.

Now Available:

CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER - approximately 1400 episodes - this is a COMPLETE set of the entire series run.
Compleat File Listings

$190 CAD on 4 DVD's, or
$240 CAD on 21 CD's.

You can use the "Add To Cart" buttons above to purchase these items via PayPal, or even simply make a payment to "vaultkeeper@oldtimeradiovault.com" and specify exactly which set(s) you want at time of purchase (in the "notes" section of the PayPal form). If you wish to mail a cheque or money order (note: do not send a "green" USPS money order, which are cashable only in the USA - I'm in Canada), send it along with a cover letter stating what you wish to purchase to:

Joey Lindstrom
#305, 235 15 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB  T2R 0P6

ALL PRICES ARE ALL-IN AND INCLUDE SHIPPING. DVD sets will be burned onto either DVD-R or DVD+R media depending on availability. If you require one format or the other, please let me know and I will certainly accomodate your request.